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Enjoy Chikin Me Up salad

19 Jul 2021 - 31 Jul 2021
Thumb Salad Stop Enjoy Chikin Me Up salad

M: Hey honey, what do you feel like eating today?

W: I would like to eat something healthy and delicious, but I also want Korean too!

M: Okay, I know what to order!

Well, this conversations is bound to happen so better know the answer! SaladStop! has lots of Korean Series menu which will make your life healthier and happier.

Let`s enjoy Chikin Me Up salad, which is low in calories and tasty with our new Gochujang Chikin.

SaladStop! is OPEN EVERYDAY! Also available on GoFood, GrabFood, ShopeeFood (search: SaladStop!) and SaladStop! Delivery +62 813 9522 2866.

Logo Salad Stop
Salad Stop

Where To Park : Gedung Parkir 3 Basement

MKG-3 : Lantai Dasar 12A

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