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Boost Your Gooooal Celebration

14 Nov 2022 - 30 Sep 2023
Thumb BOOST Juice Bar Boost Your Gooooal Celebration

Boost it up for football season! 

Grab our all-new smoothies and celebrate your goals! 

Samba-A Mango 
Mango, mango nectar, low fat milk, vanilla yoghurt & ice Strawberries Comin' Home 
Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, lychees, apple juice, sorbet & ice Viva-la Blueberry 
Blueberries, mango nectar, blue pea powder, vanilla yoghurt & ice.

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BOOST Juice Bar

Where To Park : Gedung Parkir 3/5

MKG-3 : Lantai 2 TK-212

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