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Opening Hours Mal : 10.00 - 22.00 WIB

Tokyo Belly

021 4587 6422
Park Area
Gedung Parkir 5 Basement P1/P1A | Parkir L4
Opening Hours
10:00 - 22:00

Nibbles, Soup & Greens, Signature Sushi Rools, Japanese Curry Rice, Omurice, J-Dog, J-Pasta


TOKYO BELLY, a vibrant Japanese bistro concept by Ismaya Group was first opened in December 2012. It is Ismaya Group’s unique take on modern Japanese bistro and sake bar—one that brings customers a all-encompassing experience of quality and innovative Japanese food with a twist.

One of TOKYO BELLY’s missions is to deliver the experience of unique Japanese food sensation made with good quality ingredients for their customers. With years of experience under their belts, TOKYO BELLY’s expert chefs work that magic. Combine that with a unique ambience that is a mix of traditional Japanese culture with a modern twist in spray-painting, and you’ll get a dynamic and fun dining experience.

When it comes to their menu, TOKYO BELLY’s menu is designed for fun. It is appealing to both Japanese cuisine purist, but also to those seeking a modern twist. TOKYO BELLY serve a wide range of variety menu categories, ranging from unique Japanese nibbles, signature sushi rolls, hobayaki, okonomiyaki, ramen, Japanese curry, omurice, hot stone bibimbap, hot off the grill, J-Dog and to their famous Japanese pasta.

Designed for a young, dynamic crowd, TOKYO BELLY also offers its customers a new experience in drinking sake, either straight up or mixed as cocktails. TOKYO BELLY is a perfect place to chill with good music and good drinks, from sake cocktails, classic sake, unique variety of mocktails, to smoothies.   TOKYO BELLY concept certainly adds a new color in Jakarta’s culinary scene with its unique Japanese menu and fun experience in drinking.

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